Who We Are

 “All Politics is Local”

While those of us involved with the NBDC care deeply about government and policy on the county, state and federal levels, our guiding principle is that all politics are local, as said by the late, great United States House Speaker Tip O’Neill. We are all neighbors, regardless of political enrollment, who run into one another at the grocery store, watch our kids grow up in local schools, participate in local community groups, and enjoy the best our unique town has to offer.

With that said, we would like you to join us to make our town even better. Although we are primarily enrolled Democrats, we invite people of all political parties to join us in this mission. We judge people by their commitment to New Baltimore, not their party. We have often endorsed town government candidates of other parties when we have believed they are the best people for the job. So, if you are reading this, and are a voter not enrolled in a specific party, a Republican, a Conservative, an Independence Party member, a Working Families party member, or someone who is not yet registered to vote, we invite you to learn more about us and work with us to make New Baltimore the best it can be.

Just so you know:

Our endorsed candidates this November represent the diversity of our town.

We are supporting a registered Republican, Diane Jordan, who has diligently served as your Town Tax Collector for five years; a registered Democrat, Jim Eckl, who has served our town on the zoning board and as a 20-year volunteer firefighter, who is running for town council; and town council candidate Jake Colwell, a life-long Greene County resident who is registered as an NOP, with no preferred political party enrollment.

We like that!

Our current New Baltimore Town Board including Supervisor and four town council members represent a political party that makes up only 35 percent of our New Baltimore electorate. We think our town should be more representative of the people who live here, and our diverse slate of candidates can make this happen in November.

We listen to everyone.